Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby Got (Bad) Back

Hey Kids,

A couple people have asked me about the ongoing bloggish silence - sorry about it all. There have been a number of seriously horrid grant deadlines, a fundraiser for Capital Stage, a bunch of rain and cold weather, and then this whole back thing. This is just not like any back thing I've had before - and I've had a number of back things. It's not the insane spasming of muscles and the inability to turn over in bed. It's just this kind of constant thing with occasional hot poker pain, sitting right in the spot where the sacrum meets the iliacus on the right side. (Not with my wife you don't!). I've managed some very short bike rides, some walks, but nothing that I would really term exercise, let alone training.

Anyhoo, I have a comp day tomorrow. I'm going to seek out massage and the advice of a dude reputed to be a very fine chiropractor here in Sacramento.

Sometime later this week, now that the five 264-page grant packages are safely submitted, I promise another chapter of the German adventures of Slow Fat Triathlete. There is a final title, and while I'm not out of my mind with delight about it, it's something I can live with.