Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stalled. Stuck. Stopped.

A week of perfect fall weather, almost entirely wasted. I am disappointed to report that last week was the worst week to date in terms of moving forward in the Big Fat Fitness Comeback. If I start the workout week on Monday, as I still tend to do after years of structuring training that way, I managed exactly one day of exercise. On Wednesday, I did my bike commute and even put in a couple of extra miles at lunch running some errands over on Fourth Street. But that was it.

Monday we drove back from Sea Ranch, and then I ran out and got a pedicure instead of doing exercise. Sometimes you just have to get the feet pretty before you can think of anything else. Tuesday I was in stressed out work mode from the time I got up (too late, too late!) till after dark. I didn’t make myself take a 20 minute walk before dinner. I just didn’t. Thursday… what happened Thursday? Oh, yeah, I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning, a ton of work, and then a meeting at Capital Stage in the late afternoon. I had planned to ride my bike to the theater, but was dealing with work stuff until it was too late to ride the bike and be on time for the meeting. After the meeting I had more work.

Friday I had to drive to the office to pick up all the supplies for the all-day training I was doing on Saturday. Got home with a headache and couldn’t face going outside. Saturday I did the all-day training and got home with a stiff neck and serious fatigue. Hit the couch and fell asleep. Well, I thought, at least I’ll get a ride in on Sunday. But I woke up with mild vertigo - that’s a new one - and moving my head made it worse. So I tried to keep still until it was time to go out to the theater. The vertigo gradually subsided, but I felt pretty weird throughout the day. Maybe connected with my neck stiffness? After the matinee there was some hanging out with my family, whom I hadn’t seen in weeks. And then it was night.

Some weeks happen like this. But I can’t let this stretch get out to two weeks, or we could have trouble, and that starts with T and that rhymes with D and that stands for “D’oh! I turned into a couch potato again!” I need to work less (at my job) and yet remain a model employee.

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  1. Jayne, saw the story about you on the SacBee. I love it!! I am a 66 year old, short, fat woman who is also a triathlete. I did my 1st Danskin 5 years ago - much to eveyones surprise. I still can't believe I go out in public in my tight, orange spandex suit BUT I DO IT. I don't run but I do walk. I also walk half marathons. I am slow but I am out there doing it. I intend to get and read your books. I love that you are not only out there doing these things but that you are out there letting others know they can too. Keep up the good work.