Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Musings: Bike Bits, Swimmy Swimmy, Pain

The world is waiting, I know, for every shimmering pearl of wisdom that may form in the clamshell of my MacBook. Ooh, labored metaphor alert. Ouch. But hey, I'm out of practice. Been working a little bit on the fiction, but not too much. The old day job has reared its ugly head with a vengeance and is failing to allow me much free thinking and musing time. Even more annoyingly, my old nemesis, the extensor tendons of the right wrist, were flaring up big time, even before my workload got heavy. So in the interests of continuing to receive a regular paycheck, I cut back drastically on all non-work keyboarding. Facebook, blog, novel, Twitter, email, the lot.

Even now I feel the soreness coming on so I'm going to be succinct.
  1. Bought some new aerobars for the LeMond, but installed them wrong, so I'll need to take the armrests off and put the spacers in and put 'em back on again.
  2. Need to buy another little saddle bag, as I keep forgetting to switch my one bag with my tire levers and spare tubes between bikes. This bit me in the ass yesterday on the way to the train
  3. Swimming is lovely. My 100s are getting a little faster, my 400s a little less labored. I even managed a full 25 yards of rather languid butterfly the other day. As the Sacramento summer really kicks in, though, I realize I need a non-black swim cap and some anti-glare goggles.
  4. Running - eh. Not so much. Not feelin' the love right now. Gonna try a quick waddle tomorrow. Even the acquisition of a Garmin Forerunner 305, with all the lovely geeky data it provides, has not inspired me to get out on my two stumpy legs. Tomorrow it's supposed to be cooler, and I will get up early and trot about.
  5. Played another two rounds of disc golf, getting kind of ok at it. If only I had space in the schedule for another time-intensive hobby!
  6. Wrist pain curtails not only writing but also longer bike rides. This officially sucks.
  7. Additional pain is found down in the area of the sacrum, which is sort of familiar, but it seems to be abating. I really need some body work though.
  8. Better get on the stick - registered for the Luna Bar Women's Tri in August and the Golden State Tri in October.
More pearls before too long. We hope. Meanwhile, have fun out there. Go swim.


  1. I am doing the luna july 31 here in Oregon an the seattle danskin tri in aug :)

  2. I did an 800 the other night and it was great- save the mean woman in the lane with me! I swear, bikers on the trail are nice, runners in the park are nice- but people in the pool: mean!

    Good luck!

  3. Michele - Yeah, I used to get banged up like crazy by this one guy who flailed his right arm around like a club. One benefit of my new club: only had to share a lane 1 time so far!

  4. One might question the intelligence of doing such a long sprint for a first tri but thanks to your book, I managed to finish the Luna bar last year. Tho I was second to last, I did finish. Thanks for the humor and inspiration.