Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Seriously. Suckage is rampant and has been for a couple months now. I got bronchitis, got over it, then was crazy busy and started to feel some of the warning signs of Boo Boo Kitty Syndrome: fatigue, headaches, muscle spasms, increased tingling in limbs. Did some resting.

Then I tweaked my knee, tweaked it again, then tweaked it so I could hardly walk. Then my back started to hurt again because my knee was all tweaked. Then I found an awesome chiropractor and he started to put the pieces back together. But the day after the first visit, I got sick. Again. Green sliminess throughout my tender nasal passages, down the throat, etc. Sore throat, laryngitis, pounding headaches. Couldn't move for 3 days. 8 days later, just getting back to "human." Chiro thinks maybe he set it off by, you know, "releasing things" and "unleashing an inflammatory response." Or it could just be the same bug that decimated half my office and made my mom sick for 10 days.

Been reading about CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue/Immune Dysfunction Syndrome - as it is more technically known in the US) and frequent infections. In my 2007-2008 bout with CFIDS/Boo Boo Kitty I never got a viral infection of any kind, other than feeling like I had a weird flu 95% of the time. Now I definitely feel better overall, but I've had at least four bouts of viral weirdness in the last 9 months. And (cue Twilight Zone music) nobody ever seems to catch the bug from me, no matter how unhygienic I become with my used Kleenex.

Some researchers speculate that CFIDS is caused by a viral infection (Human Herpes Virus 6, cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, coxsackie virus*) or mycoplasmic infection that goes "underground" in the body with varying effects. I've definitely had EBV (mono) and I also had pleurodynia, which is caused by the coxsackie virus. Connection?

Sick of being sick, tired of being tired. Had the bright idea to get Safeway to deliver groceries instead of bugging Tim to go to the store for me. Now I have more fruits and veggies in stock again. Don't know if they help but they can't hurt.

It hasn't been all grim times and thorn bushes. Great, mellow trip up to Tahoe for Memorial Day; an afternoon on and around Lake Natoma; some other great times with family and friends. But no significant exercise, and a host of questions about what may or may not be simmering inside the ol' organism.

*Yes, I did say coxsackie. Deal with it.


  1. Hey Jayne--hope you are feeling better soon. I just finished Shape Up and I hear your voice in my head all the time now (which is a good--not a creepy--thing).

    I fought with the viral thing all winter and spring, along with a case of vertigo (and no, husband caught nothing!). I believe there is something out there that docs don't know how to test for and many think antibiotics will cure all.

    Hang in there!

  2. Sorry to hear about the suckage, Jayne. Fatigue definitely sucks. Hang in there.

  3. I hope you feel better soon. Sending good thoughts your way.

    I love your posts and both your books.

  4. Thanks all,

    Virus is clearing up, knee and back issues are feeling better, did 2 walks last weekend without incident. :)

    Dava - I think there are LOTS of somethings out there that docs don't know how to test for.

  5. I have spent many a weekend at Lake Natoma for my daughters' crew races! Lovely spot.