Friday, April 23, 2010

A Collection of Disjointed Thoughts

I'm feeling the need to post something, since a few days have flowed under the bridge since the last update, but it's Friday night, I got up extra early this morning and drove to the Bay Area, and I had to wear itchy clothes for a client meeting because the clients have already seen all my non-itchy "respectable" attire. It only took two meetings. So the best I can muster this evening is the following.

  1. My bike has not given me any further problems, and I think I have found a Local Bike Shop (LBS) that will command my loyalty. Natomas Bike Shop, tucked into a nondescript shopping center between a Papa Murphy's and a Round Table Pizza (no, I'm not kidding), has the combination of service, character, love for bikes, and droll repair dudes that makes me happy. After my last set of misadventures, I took the bike back there. They made everything right; they made me laugh and they charged me very little.
  2. I notice that I can ride up onto the Jibboom bridge from river level pretty well now. When I first started riding again, that really was a tough climb for me. BFFC Minor Triumph.
  3. Louis Garneau Sensor bike shorts in plus sizes rock. I had a pair last spring, I lost them somewhere. Austin? The back of my closet? I finally admitted they were gone for good and screwed up my courage to spend another $90 on another pair. Now watch, I'll find the old ones. That'd be ok though because they are sooo comfy. The waistband in particular. I got a nice Terry sleeveless bike jersey too. Gotta shout out to the places that make high quality technical wear for high quality larger athletes. Team Estrogen, Louis Garneau, Shebeest, Terry, Moving Comfort and of course the gals at Enell are faves.
  4. I still haven't done any yoga. But my neck and back are all feeling pretty good right now. Touch wood.
  5. I've had a couple jog/walk sessions in the last week that felt pretty decent. I'm being super cautious, but I've worked my way up to 40 steps jogging, 60 steps walking (after a sensible walking warmup of course). I can foresee the time when I might actually jog a mile again. BFFC Minor Triumph #2.
  6. Noticing that I'm jealous of my Facebook and other friends who are already racing. But I'm not there yet. I'm pretty close, but I want to be able to jog/walk 5k easily before I venture back out on the course.
Well, that's probably it for tonight, sports fans. Physical activity plans for the weekend include a swim if I get done with Capital Stage fundraiser prep in time, and a long, uneventful bike ride on Sunday. Have fun out there.


  1. Thanks for the link to those shorts, I didn't know Louis made plus sizes, super happy bout that!

  2. Just a note to say thanks for your book. I did my first 5k walk today.

  3. Damn, I just wrote a long message about inspiration and some great books I have recently read & then somehow it didn't like my AOL account and vanished! sigh

    Anyhoo, 3 books by Paul Reese. Ran from Pacific to Atlantic in 173, averaging a marathon a day @ 73!! I kid you not. Did it again using North to South at 76 and then just for kicks did the rest of the USA (including Alaska & Hawaii) at 80!!!
    Plus he had had prostate cancer and treatment & a serious back injury that he had to wear a belt for! All my excuses flew out the window & I feel deeply ashamed at my slothness & the fact that I need medics after a 4 mile shuffle!

    Another one I just finished is "Becoming an Ironman: first encounters with the ultimate endurance race. Awesome & inspirational....and I can dream...right:-)

    Anyhoo, keep up the blog ~ I love reading it.

  4. Jayne, I've been wanting to say thank you for two years for your book "Slow Fat Triathlete". Second only to "The Paperbag Princess", it is still my favorite book. You inspired my triathlon adventure, which has turned into an addiction. :) Two years ago I did my first triathlon, a sprint. I was a size 18, and I dog paddled the entire swim because I "didn't think I needed to train in open water!" This year I am coming up on a size 12 and training for Ironman Coeur d'Alene this June. Thanks for your book that made me realize it is possible for me.
    HUGS! Christiane

  5. Nice to find your blog. Read your book a couple years ago; kudos to you from this "unlikely" triathlete! I happen to love the LG power gripper tri shorts. I haven't tried the bike shorts though. May have to see them out!

  6. Hey, thanks for all the great comments, y'all. The inspiration is a two-way street.

  7. It bugs me that I can't plus size tri clothes in any of my local stores. I'd love to buy a tri top, and I'd probably drop a good bit of money on one if I could find one, but I'd like to be able to try one on and not have to order one and just hope it fits and I lik eit.