Thursday, April 8, 2010

Holding Pattern

Again, I don't have a lot to report on the BFFC. I've been kind of going in and out of feeling unwell, and I'm not sure why. Headaches, fatigue, a little dizziness, a sore gland here and there around the throat and jaw.

When I've felt good, I've gotten out and done a little just to keep from total backsliding. Ten miles or so on the bike, a walk of a mile or two, a couple of houseworkouts and gardenworkouts. Most gratifyingly, Tim and I built a little retaining wall around a tree in the front yard which has been annoying us ever since we moved in. It's a lovely tree, apparently some form of "non-fruiting plum" (?), but it has a tendency to throw up shoots from the roots, and if we're not on top of it every minute, the base of the tree looks like its own private jungle. So we're tamping it down with weed block fabric, rocks, and the aforementioned wall. The wall blocks were concrete and heavy.

So we lifted and carried, and of course we went back to Home Depot to get more blocks, and lifted and carried some more. Then I laid them down and lifted them back up again to level them with topsoil. This is not a gardening blog; I rarely even garden, let alone write about it. But it was pretty vigorous exercise, and I tried to look at it as such.

My friends and correspondents are starting to gear up for tri season, and part of me is impatient to be in actual training. Part of me is hanging out, being patient, and part of me thinks it will never happen again. Need to squelch that part.

More soon.

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