Thursday, March 24, 2011

Posing as Superman

We are at grave risk of floating away here in northern California; storm after storm sweeping in from the Pacific has raised the river levels by 20 feet or more, and the flood control boffins have opened the Yolo Bypass, which spills water into a huge flood basin between Davis and Sacramento. Much of Discovery Park, which you may recall as the site of the Golden State Triathlon last October, and a key part of of my bike commute, is under 2-6 feet of water. This is also on purpose, part of the whole flood control thing. And so I am not yet commuting by bike, though my back is well enough to do so. I've hit the gym a couple times for exercise bike action, which is dull and uncomfortable, and managed a few brief walks between storms.

I'm continuing my physical therapy, mostly. I have a sunny yellow exercise ball, upon which I'm supposed to do bridging, abdominal bracing exercises - a fancy name for crunches, really - and my favorite, the Superman. Poised on the yellow sun (not Krypton's red one), I balance my belly on the ball and my toes on the ground and stretch my arms out in front of me like, you know. That guy. The exercise part is staying stable while I bend my arms and bring my hands back down to my shoulders, kind of like a lat pull in a Superman position. I can do this for a long time. I'm supposed to squinch my buttocks together as hard as I can while I do this, but sometimes I forget because I'm having so much fun just balancing on the ball.

I'm not nearly as good at the abdominal bracing, which, as I noted, bears a suspicious resemblance to crunches. Bridging is pretty easy, but I have to keep my tail tucked way under as I do it, in spite of what Eight Steps to a Pain-Free Back says.

Oh, hey, the rain has stopped and the sky is brightening a bit. I'm going out for a walk.

[a bit later]

Oh my goodness, that air was fresh. Very, very fresh.


  1. Hey Jayne! Good to see a post from you. Just wanted to stop in and tell you that I signed up for my first half ironman in July of this year and it's in large part due to your book. I never would have thought this would be my life now, thanks for that. Now if I could just stop falling off my bike things would really come together, haha. Hope the sun shines for you today.

  2. you're even read in Cambodia! Just signed up for my first triathlon in Indonesia, toward the end of May - check it out!

    Can't see how to contact you, but would love to if you care to hear from a fan overseas

    cheers! cori