Saturday, April 23, 2011

Not Too Super, Again

So... I was going along, doing my PT, my Superman exercises, and then I kind of tailed off with that. But I was starting to be able to ride a bike a little again, a couple miles here and there, which was nice. The water gradually receded from the bike path; the little green leaves came out on the trees.

Then I got really busy at work. I worked bits of a weekend here and there, longish hours most weeks. Volunteer stuff too. Deadlines, board meetings, committee meetings, and then a bit of socializing tucked in at the edges. A week ago last Friday, we turned in a particularly troublesome grant, I met with clients for the next grant in Daly City (Kome sushi buffet - quite an experience), drove back to Sactown, met up with family for dinner, went to see Master Class at Capital Stage, and said good night to all. On the way home, my throat started twinging in that "you're getting sick" way.

Eight days later, I calculate that I have hacked up over a liter of phlegm. I have an inhaler for the spasms in my bronchial bits and a cough medicine that gives me nightmares. Or maybe that's the episodes of Being Human I've been watching. No pneumonia, no fever. Just cough and mucus and lethargy. And the urge to compensate for the lethargy and ruined weekends by eating everything in sight.

This BFFC is feeling pretty derailed at the moment. But I am NOT giving up. Grrr.


  1. I'm sorry about the mucus and lethargy. Sounds crummy.

    You're an inspiration--whatever the challenge, you just keep on keeping on.

    I love your books, and sooner or later I'll enter a sprint!

    Sending good thoughts. Wish I could send a good remedy.


  2. Hope you feel better soon! I know it's no fun to feel like you are hacking up a lung every time you cough! Take care!

    p.s. - really enjoy your books!!! you are fabulous :-)

    Running on Heavy