Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spend More Money!

Back at work... ho hum. Humdrum. Red rum.

The transition was eased somewhat by the fact that our fabulous friends Michelle and Russ were staying with us, en route to traveling around the world for an extended period of time. Traveling requires packing; packing requires luggage; and traveling for a long time requires some pretty great luggage. But Russ's daypack was old and worn and didn't measure up, so off we went to REI, where we shopped mightily.

I ogled the kayaks, amazed at how cheap some of the really cheap ones were. $279 for a decked boat, short and stubby and cute, for general all-round messing about in water? That's cheap! Of course, then you're in for $150 (or much more) for a nice lightweight paddle, and then a little dry bag or two, and a personal floatation device.

I decided not to splash out there and then. eBay and Craigslist will definitely be scoured though. Thing is, for safety reasons I am loath to paddle alone, and I am notoriously unsuccessful at getting Tim to take up outdoor hobbies with me. :(

Meanwhile, back, knee, pain, soreness, stiffness, blah, blah blah.

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  1. Kayaking is such fun. If we lived closer, I'd go with you, but it's not practice...