Friday, August 5, 2011

And Here's Another Dead Person to Blame!

A few months ago, after the passing of Jack LaLanne, the New York Times ran this interesting little nugget. I have often railed about the conflation of exercise with morality and duty, the awfulness that covers up the joy of moving around when you feel like it's something you must do or else become a worse and worse person. And Jack was definitely a part of this insidious philosophy So not to wish ill of the dead or anything but Jack, seriously, dude! Who needs more guilt around exercise? Not moi.


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  2. Ah, yes. My father used to follow Jack's exercise plans. I do think our attitude toward exercise has changed since then and it is for the better. But I agree - who wants to feel bad for skipping a day here or there? Not I! Exercise should be fun. Thank goodness our way of thinking has evolved!

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  4. I am forever going on with "do it because you want to, if you start feeling like it's a 'should', you will eventually stop."