Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bad Brain! Bad!

Well, it's a mix of triumph and trying. The BFFC stalled out this week when the body/nervous system quit cooperating. Monday I battled inertia and did the bike-train commute in spite of the dastardly daylight savings darkness in the morning. Felt a little underslept, as always on the first day of DST, but otherwise not too shabby.

A little before noon, I looked up from my keyboard and my head kind of did a swimmy thing. A shifty little lightheaded dizzy thing. "Huh." I said. I felt it a few more times. At about noon I got the funny flashing light in the left eye , and realized I was in for my fourth migraine. The previous three had all been different from each other, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but my office mate Sara tossed me a handful of Advil, which I wolfed down to prevent headache. The eye acted weird for a while, so I went and sat in the dark conference room. Came back to the desk, worked through the afternoon. Head still felt odd and I was tired. On the train home felt nauseated, sweaty, and more tired, so I slept. Felt better when I woke up so I decided to bike home rather than call Tim for a rescue ride. Didn't want to be wimpy or anything.

So ever since then, I've felt dizzy. Not like the room is spinning or I can't stand up, but kind of floaty, a little off. I can walk a straight line, I can stand on one leg, I can drive even, but
things seem shifty and funny and buzzy, and when I move my head in a certain way, it's more so. It's kind of like having three beers on an empty stomach. I called my doc yesterday, and she had as hard a time understanding this as I was having describing it. She suggested I take some Dramamine, which knocked me out for a three-hour nap and made me feel dizzier.

I took yesterday off work, and most of today, and I was already scheduled for a day off tomorrow. When I saw the doc today, she checked with a neurologist to see if this sort of thing could be expected after an ocular migraine. Apparently it happens. Neurologically, I seem ok. I don't seem to have an inner ear infection or inflammation. My blood pressure is normal.

I'm supposed to take it easy for a few days, call back if things aren't back to normal on Monday. Meanwhile, I mostly feel like napping, or engaging in nap-like behaviors, or nearly-naps, on the Big Poofy Chair.

Watch this space for updates.

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