Thursday, March 11, 2010

So That Worked

After the battering I inflicted on my bod up at Tahoe Donner last weekend, I took several days off from exerting myself, and hadn't really done much with the upper body all week. So when I got an early start to the day today, after miraculously waking up at 7:09 all by myself, I knew I was going to try and do a longish swim this afternoon.

I had tweaked my left shoulder a bit falling down the steps (snow steps, not actual steps) to the lodge at the end of the day. A bruise on the knee and one on the elbow, and the shoulder that ached all the way home. But then it calmed down and I thought no more about it. Until I got in the pool. Huh! I couldn't place it at the time, but after a little googling, I think it was the teres minor that was tight. See pic for details. Not a bad tightness, but noticeable. I relaxed my shoulders, arms, neck, upper back, and everything else I could think of to relax, and tried not to push the pace at all. And after a while I wasn't really aware of it anymore. Just kind of kept swimming and swimming and before ya know it, I was at 1600 yards. And then I did a couple hundred more, just for kicks, trying to see how few times I could breathe with each length of the pool. (Four, in case you were wondering.) So, cool! 1800 yards, longest swim of the Big Fat Fitness Comeback.

I think I'm about six months into the BFFC now, and here's a few things I notice:
  • My arms are stronger and more toned, especially the triceps
  • My calves have some definition
  • My quads are kind of gettin' there
  • I recover a lot quicker from workouts, especially swimming. When I first started up again, I couldn't raise my arms after a swim session.
  • Estimate that my resting heart rate is down about 5 bpm (need some kind of accurate timepiece to confirm this)

So that's working.


  1. Nice work on the swim, Jayne! I've come to realize that I feel swimming may be the one thing I must do until the day I die. It really does help keep me sane.

  2. Dear Jayne,
    I can't believe that you've had a blog for months and I haven't found it until just now. I've read your book at least 3 times over the past few years and given it to many. Just tonight I was recommending it on another blog and looked you up and Voila! here I am.

    Jayne, I want you to know how much your story inspired me and gave me the courage to go out there and TRI it! I've completed 5 Sprint Triathlons and an unofficial 70.3 (with friends). Some ups and downs, injuries, drownings, etc.. but I'm still training and shooting for another Sprint this June.

    If you ever make it to Salt Lake City for an Event (there is an awesome women's only bike ride here called Little Red Riding Hood, maybe take a gander?) be sure to look me up. I'd love to show you around.

    Take care and I look forward to reading all about your continuing journey...



  3. hi Jayne! I just got your book - Im doing a sprint-tri in October (my first) and read the first few pages of SFT in the store and knew I had to get it! :) love your blog, and I will definitely keep reading! Unfortunately, I'm having foot surgery next friday, so my tri training will be on hiatus for a bit. But congrats on your BFFC and like others have said, you inspire me to keep training for the tri!